Mission & Values

Through online social networking and our website, we will provide an open, free, and available forum for the exchange of challenges, solutions, and encouragement to individuals who devote time and energy in support of their friends and family that are widows. We will be a place of refuge for anyone trying to support and help a widow by providing unconditional support, by answering questions, and by introducing community members to available resources.

-We honor each supporter’s experience but also honor the widow and what they are going through.
-We will only post opinions, articles and guest comments that are positive and contribute to the support of a widow. This will not be an environment where people become a victim of their friend’s widowhood.
-We value self-improvement and understand that things you have tried may not have worked and we will be open to hearing about all experiences to learn from them
-We will be honest with our reports, responses and opinions, balancing our consideration for people’s feelings with our commitment to the truth.

Friends of Widows is a community where supporters of widows can connect and learn from one another’s experiences how they can best be of service to their widowed friends.

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